Guidelines for file submission

I can deal with most any file, text, graphic, etc. 

Here are my preferred way of handling things.  


THE USER ID TO ACCESS UPLOADS IS: rabbimike and password is: rabbimike


You may create your own folder.

Once a file is submitted you cannot delete or modify it.

You may re-submit if there are changes.


1) If you have a handwritten "piece" like a letter or note, that you would like to share, you should scan it and save it as a JPEG.  It should be of a decent size and resolution high enough, that it can be saved (by me) at a lower resolution as a "thumbnail" or part of a larger page.  This can be linked to the higher quality image. JPEGs, GIFs or TIFFs are best.  None of these type images require any additional compression, but MUST have the correct file extension. (such as *.jpg, *.gif or *.tif).  If you want to send an Adobe Photoshop or Imageready file (*.psd) - please ZIP or STUFF the file first.  File size doesn't matter, it's on a hefty server.


2) I prefer Apple Quicktime to Windows media player audio or Video files, but I can deal with any.


3) Text files can be in ASCII text, RTF or MS Word.  Please do not send me Word Perfect files, I cannot open or deal with them.  It would be better to copy and paste into an email than sending me WP files.

I am leaving the door wide open for contributions to the website.  This is a labor of love for my Uncle Mike.  Please be patient with me as the site develops.  In the end, all CONTENT WILL BE APPROVED by Ruth for addition to the site.  We welcome any appropriate links you might know of - to works or causes Rabbi Michael championed.


TIA in advance for your help and support!


WebADMIN: Avi Learner